Years ago after having a rather strange gig at the Sonar festival, I flew home with a surging feel of blues in me, induced by the intractable dissonance of trying to be a successful cog in the music scene wheel and trying to be true to what I owe myself and the world by simply calling myself an artist. Nostalgically I thought about the times when I started making music, which retrospectively felt like a very focused, pure and innocent time - because I did music strictly for myself, with my very own standards, not even thinking about releasing music on a public scale.

And then, in that aeroplane, flying above the clouds and close to the sun, I asked myself what the music would sound like now, if i just would make it again only for me and my own standards - and that is where I unknowingly founded the Lars Stoewe Musik Klub.

To made this work, I had to do this in a very radical way - radical to a nearly irrational point. I would start to write and produce music, which most likely nobody will ever even know that it exists. No releases, no labels, no promotion, no money, no gigs, no other people involved - just me, myself and i.

I had to cut out all the contemporary hyper capitalistic fat that nowadays discourages art from being actual art - I would just lay down my work here at the digital grounds of the Lars Stoewe Musik Club.

Every work of the LSMK consists of five songs and deals with a topic that I am interested in - and that can be everything. When my inner self thinks it is important to do - than I will do it, although it will take its time and effort because there are no deadlines or excuses.

It is ready when I think it is.

Maybe this Lars Stoewe Musik Klub, although born out of a purifying sense of nothingness, will actually be my true legacy to the world as an artist, composer and producer, because this is me at my very best - without reglementations in any way.

I really hope that you will dig this, make it your own and hopefully be able to decode all the herzblut I put into this.